Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a wine bar? Or a retail store? Or a flower shop?

Both! All three! And more! We are primarily a bottle shop and florist, however we serve wines by the glass and have a small menu of other things. We also have some limited retail items, like candles, magazines, and merchandise . Come by and check us out!


I want to send a gift, are you able to deliver?

We offer delivery of floral arrangements (three sizes), and welcome additions of a few pre-selected wines, candles, or chocolates. Visit our store for more information. 


What about shipping?

We do not currently offer shipping nor do we plan to in the future. There are many reasons for this, including product quality, environmental concerns, and cost. If you email us, we will happily help you find a reputable wine shop or florist nearby.


Do you sell gift cards?

Of course! However since we use different systems online and in-store, our gift cards are only good for in-person shopping or phone orders. Head here to buy one.


Can we reserve the space for a private party?

Of course! Reach out to us at to hear more. 



Where do you source your flowers?

We purchase from a number of farmers in the Pacific Northwest. Most are a part of the Oregon Flower Grower's Association but a few are independent farmers in the Portland Metro. In the off season we may buy a small amount of imported flowers, but it's breaks our heart to do so!


Do you grow your own flowers?

We source a portion of our flowers from our organic garden in NE Portland, less than 4 miles from our store. Eventually, we hope to source a majority of blooms from here. Hyper-local and sustainable is our goal!


Can I place a special order? Or get routine flowers for my business/home?

Absolutely! We would love to help you with a special request or work with your business. Email with inquiries.



What kinds of wine do you have?

We source small production wines from the West Coast and Europe. We aim to showcase wines that are biodynamic and organic, with low-intervention winemaking practices. We highlight both classic producers and new projects - ultimately the goal is to find wines that showcase terroir and grape variety side by side.


Are you a natural wine shop?

While many of the wines we sell do qualify as natural wines, that is not a classification we would readily give our store. We do not shy away from the judicious use of sulfur additions, nor do we steer away from 'classically' made wines. We are always looking for good, clean wines that offer fantastic value. If they are biodynamic or organic, that is a huge bonus. If a 'natural' looking or tasting wine can tick all these boxes, we will happily carry it.


Do you have this certain producer I had this one time that I have been looking for since?

Probably not. Our selection is more curated than exhaustive, however we have all different styles of wine. If you can tell us what you like or how a certain wine tasted, we can find the perfect bottle for you.


Do you have food?

We don't have a kitchen in our little 500 sq. ft shop, so we can only offer things like Almonds, Olives, Tinned Fish, and Fresh Bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Great drinking snacks. Probably not enough for dinner. There are over a dozen fantastic restaurants within walking distance we can recommend you.