Dogwood is the combined dream of Gabby Terracciano and Brant Ozanich. We met in 2013 and both worked in the chaos that is the San Francisco restaurants scene after graduating from SFSU. We both studied in France for a year, Gabby in Paris and Brant in Aix-en-Provence. Our passions led us, respectively, to flowers and wine. 

Fast forward to August 2020, we packed up our life after over a decade in SF to move to Portland. In the middle of a pandemic, we found there was no better time to chase our dream. With life and joy more fleeting than ever, we took a leap of faith and began what you know now as Dogwood through the ever loyal (mostly dicey) Craigslist. With a clear vision for the 500 sq ft space we knew with absolute certainty that 4932 NE 30th Ave had to be a space for both wine and flowers.

Gabby designed the shop, demanding there be no color anywhere apart from the labels on the bottles and those of the flowers. Brant got to work with the table saw, custom building wine shelves, tables, benches and even a ladder. Everything made of wood in the shop apart from the chairs and the legs of our 9ft oak table was built with love and our hands alone.

Dogwood is an homage to our time spent in France. Our shop is that of community and family ownership after we welcomed our son in August 2022.

We officially opened Dogwood on May 29th, 2021 and have since moved into our forever home where we began building a flower farm in hopes to grow flowers for our business.